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327: Tacty!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Woo! Sorry for the copy pasteness of the comic, but there really wasn't that much that needed to be redrawn, and it seemed like a big waste of time. Plus I'm still getting used to drawing in the new resolution (upgraded to 1280x960). And I'm pretty sure I ripped this joke off somewhere, because it's registering a hit in my subconscious when I think about it, but I really can't remember the comic it's from. But hey, the coloured backgrounds are back! Some cheesites said that it just wasn't btc without the colourful backgrounds, so I guess they're here to stay. The caricatures page is updated, and I'm slowly getting through the backlog of cheesites who want theirs done too. And chebbs, you still haven't selected a picture you want me to draw. The flash voting thing has been updated, although cheesites from the irc channel have seen it already. If you're not an irc attending cheesite, maybe it's time you reconsidered. We're really friendly and you get to see stuff before it's officially posted! C'mon! I think marine wanted a plug too. Plug plug plug. Happy? Well according to my sources, twc as we know it will most likely be going down for good, but I don't know the exact deal with the forums, I'll let you know more when I get the official word from threeboy. The voting at buzz has gone insane since I added the vote incentive (which is updated with the ever lovely ms kelly brook, by the way), and we broke past the top 5 in the last day of the month! I knew you could do it! December could be our time, so let's make a play for number 1! You can do it! I believe in you! Well, it's time for me to go, as evidenced by the dangerous nearing to 4am of the clock hands. Enjoy some bizarre linkage, the HOTTEST HOT SAUCES EVAR. Tabasco is around 2000 scoville units, while the one at the top of the list is SIXTEEN MILLION. MILLION! You don't wanna get that in your eyes!
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[13:31] <coolmech7> assuming snugglebunny is a woman here....
[13:31] <coolmech7> am i right?
[13:31] <Technogen> no
[13:31] <coolmech7> now that's spooky
[13:31] <Snugglebunny> no i'm a GUY with the nick "snugglebunny"
[13:31] <Technogen> Snugglebunny is 110% guy
[13:31] <coolmech7> make that 108%
[13:31] <coolmech7> that nick screams either gay or woman
[13:32] * Technogen tacklehugglesnuggle Snugglebunny
[13:32] <Snugglebunny> funny that
[13:32] <coolmech7> male touching "francis"GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY
[13:33] <Snugglebunny> why is it so difficult for u guys to understand that im just a normal guy
[13:33] <Snugglebunny> with GREAT TITS
Bigger Than Cheeses
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