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328: Now that's service!
Now that's service!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I had a point to this comic at first, but I sorta lost track. And also some more suggestive dialogue, but I couldn't fit it in. And by all that I mean that I got distracted by Scrubs, and forgot what I originally had. But enough about me nitpicking, how about you wonder if Crystal there used the banana or not in the cam? There ya go. Maybe that'll keep you awake at night. Voting at buzz has been inzane, and we're holding pretty steady onto 3. Great work everyone! Squidi is glued to number one with over double our votes, so if we're gonna have any chance of competing, everyone's gonna have to put in some crazy votingness! The vote incentive image has been updated with the ever not safe for work Nell McAndrew! Mmm, Nell! Besides the forum experiencing regular downtime, and twc being apparently gone for good, there isn't too much else to announce. As usual, here's your Bizarre Linkage, VAMPIRE LESBIAN KICKBOXERS! Woo! Goodnight everone! See you next update!

It actually looks like we've dropped to number 5 since I typed the newspost. Not as great work, everyone!

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Refresh my memory, didn't she pick up the CUCUMBER last time?

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