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874: Fisticuffs

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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YES HITLER FORCE ARE DEAD. This is canon. This is meta-canon, the type of shit Grant Morrison would write and make your head explode with. ALL OF THEM DEAD. Hitler Prime died, so the entire force dies. NO BACKSIES. STOP ASKING ME TO PUT HITLER FORCE INTO THINGS. AGGHGHGHGGHGHG. If any continuity hounds are playing along, Future Thanatos' eye regenerated because the whole top of his body regenerated. He wore an eyepatch before because it was all rugged and handsome and shit. Also because he got burned which made the wound scar over instead of regenerate like awesome DBZ style. Deal? Also his clothes regenerate too otherwise he'd be fighting naked and I'm not drawing that. Seriously though, this is the 3rd last BTC, so savour it cheesites and cheesettes. Bizarre linkage: Levitiating Japanese girl. SHE'S A WITCH.

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