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832: I made cookies. Why don't you like my cookies
I made cookies. Why don't you like my cookies

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
HEY Y'ALL! BTC has been nominated as an "electronic publication of lasting cultural value" by the national library of Australia (in your FACE, WIKIBUTTWRENCHES), and has somehow wormed its way into the prestigious (?) Pandora Archive. Now if THAT'S not notable then the self important assholes on Wikipedia can just stick their heads even further into each others colons as far as I care. As an Australian publication of lasting cultural value, I know that Mom is the incorrect, American way of spelling things but whenever I hear the nagging "But MOOOOMMMM" voice in my head, it's spelled like that due to countless Yankee sitcoms. You win this round, television. Further mother disappointments that I couldn't fit into the panel

  • Why can't you be more like your brother?
  • I wanted you to be a doctor
  • I wish you were born a girl
  • I know you buried me in the cheapest casket
  • AND SO ON. Anyway, bizarre linkage? The "sport" of shin kicking. Thanks, England. You've truly shown us why your empire grew to be so mighty.

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    [09:25] <Belphegor> what organs are near the ribs
    [09:26] <@Squatdog> uh
    [09:26] <@Squatdog> all of them :P
    [09:26] <Belphegor> oh
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