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825: I guess there really IS an app for everything
I guess there really IS an app for everything

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
--KERS. Damnit, I knew it wouldn't fit. Stupid narrow panels. Well you get the idea. Yippie kay yay and all that. I decided to follow the example of the best christmas movie of all time (of all time); Die Hard, and have a bigass explosion to end the festive season. Also the decade, because I'm totally skipping out on youse guys and girls next week. HELLLLL YEAHH. Yes, advance warning no comics until 2010. Put that in your e-pipes and smoke it. Anyway, it is funny to look back at the stuff that we now take for granted that either wasn't around at the beginning of the decade, or was in some crazy stone age state. Stuff like iPods, a GPS in nearly every car (and phones now), Blackberries that weren't basically pagers, Google, Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter. All the other crazy bullshit that we apparently can't live without today without feeling like we're back in the dark ages. A few hundred thousand inconsequential webcomics which started and finished. Other inconsequential webcomics (like this one) that are still going. We'll see how long I can keep this nonsense up for, anyway. Incidentally, could anyone have imagined a time when the public would become desensitised to Britney Spears flashing her girl bits to the paparazzi, miss all-American pillar of purity in the year 2000? I'm pretty sure if you'd had photos of her undercarriage back in those days you'd be a very very rich man. Or woman. I'm sure there's women paparazzi. That would totally be front page news and a major story for whatever the hell talk show was popular in 2000. So anyway, if you decided to take those photos to the press nowadays you'd be lucky to get a mention in the "Other celebrity news" blurb near the back where they stuff all the filler. "Britney flashes cooch. Again". You might as well have tried to sell photos of when your camera goes off and takes a photo of the pavement. Genitalia talk aside, it's Bizarre linkage time! The last for the decade, so why not something topical that will probably date terribly for people reading through the archives? Lady Gaga: Illuminati Puppet?
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