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80: Meh. *shrug*
Meh. *shrug*

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Heya. A quick 'n easy update, mostly because I'm feeling rather lazy, but figured I'd better put a comic out sooner or later. "Mr Procrastination" was a comment made by Deon from the #3fs channel at, pertaining to one Bacon_Baron, aka Keir from High Ping Bastard. Well I guess that's pretty much it from me, What do you think I should name the new robot character which I am introducing? Leave a suggestion or two in The Forum, or just leave something in there to the effects of "think of something yourself you lazy sod". Okay, that's all this time. Really.

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<Donitz> every time a cease fire somewhere in the world is declared... a little part of me dies
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