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777: Also collect the holographic rape foil rape covers
Also collect the holographic rape foil rape covers

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
For those not in the know, DC (and comics in general) appear to have developed a fascination with rape, dismemberment and abortion. Okay I made the last one up, but it wouldn't surprise you, would it? Anyway, I'm pretty sure I had a funnier punchline when I thought this one through midway through the week but somewhere along the line I used up my weekly allowance of humour on the word 'rapebarian', and the extra bit about limited edition holographic rape foil covers which turned out to be too many WORDS WORDS WORDS to squish into one panel. Anyway, a big FYI that I'm off overseas for two weeks so you'll totally not be getting any updates until early/mid december. So enjoy Killgore and his collectible limited edition Wonder Woman rape while I'm off doing other non-rape things. SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMONDS. Bizarre linkage: the manga guide to SQL queries, for when you absolutely have to be the biggest shut-in imaginable
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[10:10] <Anthony> we have a republican gay guy in my painting class, and a friend of his said to him "silly rabbit, dicks are for chicks."
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