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746: World's greatest detective
World's greatest detective

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
For those of you not in the know, the durian is the stink bomb of the fruit kingdom. Even if someone cracks one open ten houses down the street and the wind is blowing the other way, it will still bring tears to your eyes. I was tossing up which one I liked more for the "main" punchline, and having Batman afraid of bananas was extra funny because it means I can draw him slipping on a peel and falling down the stairs later on down the track, and also because bananas vaguely look like a gun and Batman is the world's biggest crybaby. Now THIS is how a REAL man handles a gun. A SUPERman. YEAH. Also I had to make the Asian punchline the alternate because all you round eyes probably would stay away from a durian gang. In case you haven't looked around the site lately (I don't blame you because it was in utter shambles), I've finally gotten around to getting the rest of the pages in line with the front page design, three years later, and even thrown in some new wallpapers and banners! Some other things to follow if I can think of them. Feel free to wander around and marvel at all the hours of coding to make everything look pretty. Thanks once more to Threeboy for putting all this nice stuff together. Bizarre linkage: Japanese woman living in man's closet for a year. Alternate headline: Otaku's wet dream come true. You heard me.
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[14:20] <GoofyLM> Well, I like it when my women moan like wookies in heat
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