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686: My phone does three of those things
My phone does three of those things

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I would totally buy a phone that tucked me in at night. Or maybe just popped out a blade I could stab people with. Yeah! I'm finally on ADSL2+, but thanks to crappy line attenuation (also the hugeass radio transmitter a few km away that lets me hear ABC radio when I pick up the phone) I'm only getting 4MBit instead of the theoretical 24MBit maximum, which is what you get if you're connected by CAT5 and you actually live inside your local telephone exchange. Anyway, faster internet is better than no internet, as was evidenced last week. Here's some bizarre linkage for you: (blank) is the new (blank). In diagram form!
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[04:55] <Stereo> Hello, I'm Batman.
[04:55] <Stereo> When I was just a child, my parents were murdered right in front of my eyes. I made a solemn vow that day to commit my life to fighting crime. I've sacrificed my childhood and any efforts toward personal enjoyment. My nights are spent in deadly combat with everything from common street thugs to grotesque psychopaths.
[04:55] <Stereo> What little sleep I ever get is usually interupted by horrible nightmares and my waking up soaked in sweat. I fight a war that can never be won. I strive toward a goal that can never be reached. I am haunted. I am relentless. I am tortured.
[04:55] <Stereo> Won't you be my valentine?
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