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684: Crawling in his skin
Crawling in his skin

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the first strip

So I figured I should actually do a strip containing my own characters at least once a month. At least before I turn this into Batman Than Cheeses. The first strip was actually due last week but I'm legendarily lazy and just drew two today instead. HOORAH. The second strip's first line of dialogue is indeed a Linkin Park reference, which is way way funnier in my head if you had read the info text right above the comic before hitting said line of dialogue. I'm a simple man, with simple pleasures. Nothing much else to report on the western front, so here's some bizarre linkage for you: Sad Kermit. Singing Hurt. More here, under "audio".

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[17:30] <Fenris_Wolf> I think I was starting to get bored being an elven priestess all day. No matter how pretty I am.
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