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630: New low? I think so
New low? I think so

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the second strip

The term "worst thing you've ever done" gets bandied around a lot around here, but I think the first panel in the first comic of this here double update takes the cake, which is why I slapped together the second one together using pjs' material but cleverly switching the topic of the joke away from euphamisms for wife beating. Which if I put THOSE two comics up at the same time would mean I'd probably get lynched. So anyway, howsabout some bizarre linkage? Yeah, you'd like that. Here it is, enjoy Where's George? He's certainly not in Australia, that's for sure. Also, not bizarre linkage but close to the best thing ever: Ted's band

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[20:20] <Dane> i have a theory that korean people know English grammar quite well, but just don't give a fuck
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