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600: WOOHOOx6

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
HEY HEY! Here's your Christmas present everyone, the 600th comic! And by popular demand here's Timmy, traumatised as ever. Also, I just liked the idea of Nat's vagina being a giant blood filled cavern, which also is home to sharks. And Pinnochio. Anyway, major thanks go out to all you awesome cheesites who've hung around for any amount of time and reading all this stuff I upload on the internets. Special thanks go to the Gewd Guys for hosting my butt and the Boxcar posse for teaching me the true meaning of Christmas. Seeing as it's Christmas eve and all, I'm about to head out, so here's your bizarre linkage, following on adorably from the last one. Cats in sinks! Dot com! MERRY EVERYBODY
Bigger Than Cheeses

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[13:55] <Beerman> so you guys are checking out porn and I'm checking out futurama episode guides
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