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598: She's 40% dolemite
She's 40% dolemite

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey hey cheesites, today's extra panels come free of charge. The 40% composure is of course a Futurama reference in case you are a terrible person who doesn't know quality television. In the sightings page we have the beginning of something awesome from Phiip of Rabbit Comics, who is actually translating the strips into French. He'll send me a link or something when he's done, I guess. There are also two seperate people doing Italian translations, also on the sightings page. One is Pietro, the other is possibly named Alexander, you didn't sign any of your emails. You know who you are. Drop me a line or something, you two could team up and save time. Pietro actually sent his in back in May, but I was terrible and saved them somewhere before losing them for like half a year. Sorry man! Also new, Bojangles shirts, at the Hoboutique! Why not buy one, to go with your matching Boxcar Calendar? Eh? All proceeds go towards a boxcar booth at Comiccon next year (I will not actually be attending, but you can meet the rest of the crew!) Until then, how about some bizarre linkage: Redneck dating sites! YEEEHAW

And I almost forgot, my entry for Whispered Apologies finally got texted and added to the site! This was actually sent in when the site first opened. Maybe next time I'll send in something a bit easier to write for.

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