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484: It's art. You wouldn't understand
It's art. You wouldn't understand

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
As far as I can tell, this is how the art world actually works. Sure, back in the renaissance they had paintings that looked like stuff, but that was too passe. Then Andy Warhol films a guy sleeping, or left his camera on overnight by accident, and the guy's a genius. Also, he overexposes some pictures of Marilyn Monroe. Brilliant! First panel jibberish courtesy of the instant art critique phrase generator. Speaking of art, if you vote at buzz, you can see Nat rendered in a comic book style. And by that I mean I studied some Wonder Woman art and looked at what that guy was doing compared to what I was doing. Hair is still hard to do. Moz is temporarily banned from the forum after his flagrant rule breaking and spamming. Enjoy it while he's gone. Anyway, merry christmas eve eve, and enjoy the bizarre linkage: Come all ye faithful! OMG NSFW
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