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480: Got a woody
Got a woody

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Goddamnit this comic took a long time to draw. Minimal copy/pasting, and six panels. Hooray. I borrowed a trick from Aeire for this infinite canvas thing and used my two toned background as a way to guide the eye to read the panels in proper sequence. Also, I drew those first two too wide, and couldn't fit them horizontally. The webcomics panel was a relative success. There were around 20 people there, no bones were broken, and we insulted Piro. Or I did anyway. Dani apparently couldn't make it, or Sonictail couldn't contact her, or something, so it was just me and the crew (crew being Zak and Rex) from Make with the funny there for an hour, answering questions. Actually Sonictail was asking most of the questions, but there were a couple of audience ones too. There's supposed to be a con report up at Make with the funny sometime, so just go to their site and keep hitting refresh until you see one. Yeah, that's the stuff. Also brought to my attention are three other Aussie webcomics. Fun, huh! Okay, my hand is dead from drawing and typing, so remember to vote daily at buzz to see new vote incentives and art before other people! Yay! Also, the forum, where people call each other names. Enjoy the bizarre linkage: VAGINA PAINTINGS! Just like mom used to make. Your mom.

Make with the Funny's con report is up! Webcomics panel took place on day 2.

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