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437: Witty...more like...TITTY
Witty...more like...TITTY

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
In case you're not familiar with How not to run a comic, it's a site detailing common pitfalls you should avoid while making comics, splitting things into themes like how not to start your comic, or how not to do filler. You can go and submit your own "how not to", but really, take a look at some of the other ones on the site, then don't do those. I don't know about you, but I've seen far more "LOL WE SUCK" first comics than ones that follow the Greg Dean formula. Or you'll get comics that are a thinly veiled publicity attempt, or ones that attack all those comics which RELLY TOTULLY TLKA LEK THIIISS****@@@@@&!@222@@@!!!111!!!!11!! Seriously, who legitimately makes comics like this? Anyway, it's a good resource. Use it! And keep voting at buzz! That is all. Oh, and maybe some bizarre linkage. Now that's all. No wait, that. No, that...No, that.....that.....that
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[18:18] <Lilmuckers> my parents bought me a t-shirt that they thought was plainblack, but turned out to be a wenches shirt with glow in the dark "slut" emblazend on the chest
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