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436: Days of our Cheese
Days of our Cheese

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This comic is late because uni chose to make all the assignments and whatnot become due on the same week, as always. So yeah.....Late. Nat looks weird in the first panel because I don't draw her in profile that often, and also I've been trying to pick up some new tricks from the uber-awesome Platinum Grit stylings, but as I mentioned above, was short on time. Okay, remember to keep voting extra hard at buzz, since we've got some new competitors going for the top ten, and pay a visit or two to the forum, if you're like that. And Cthon did some new stuffs to his site. Word. Here's your bizarre linkage, the REFLEX TESTER! See you, space and regular cowboys!
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[18:45] <Goonigoogoo> argh damnit
[18:45] <Goonigoogoo> my hand is killing me
[18:45] <Goonigoogoo> It's not even my drawing hand, but it's too distracting
[18:45] <Berym> ...
[18:46] <Goonigoogoo> I'll ellipse YOU
[18:46] <Beerman> his fappin' hand
[18:46] <Beerman> ellipsis
[18:46] <Beerman> an ellipse is a )
[18:46] * Goonigoogoo punches beer
[18:47] <Beerman> and if you say "thats a right parentheses", I'll kick Jase
[18:47] <Berym> thats a right parentheses
[18:47] * Jase was kicked by Beerman (Beerman)
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