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427: Feminine wiles
Feminine wiles

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
There's a magical moment in every teenage boy's life when his brain realises, or comes to terms with the fact that women poop too! It's kinda like finding out that Santa isn't real, only it involves more things coming out of people's asses. Lady peoples. It's a total "that's not hot" moment, unless you live in Japan or something, and/or you're into that. Anyway, I was going to make up a vote sketch as a buzzcomix vote incentive (hint hint new month hint) to follow up the comic ala Theater Hopper...but seeing as I'm typing this newspost and I'm about to upload it right now, that sketch doesn't seem too likely. It was just Thanatos in the kitchen with a big mess everywhere and going "I'm pretty sure motor oil is almost exactly the same as olive oil". Yes, I'm that lazy. But I DID update the Ask the Castk for buzz, so vote anyway. And, uh, on twc too. If you're so inclined. And speaking of inclined, here's the obligatory link to the forum. And now that I think about it 'backdoor disaster stories' sounds like what would happen if you let Fox make reality tv porn. And on that note, here's some bizarre linkage, Calvin & Hobbes + Fight Club. You heard me.

In case you're interested, the winner of Josh's logo contest for his new comic, Oasis is Stephanie Pein. She'll be getting her prize in 5-10 business days. How about that!

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