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418: New take
New take

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I was originally going to do this one "straight", with them actually stuffing a turkey, but because it's so unexpected I think some people would've expected it....if that makes any sense. After all, you know how these jokes go by now. Overheard conversation that seems smutty when out of context is actually something completely innocent. So I took the unexpected route and gave what you were probably expecting....riiight. Panel 4 was gonna have Unit Lei and Duke, with some dialogue like "Unit Lei doesn't want her breakfast anymore", then Duke goes "Unit Lei doesn't eat breakfast", followed by the HILARIOUS "Unit Lei forgot!" And maybe a smiley face in the speech bubble. So yeah, I cut it. Another cut line involved Kat looking unsatisfied and saying "More like stuffing a cow", but I cut that too. Actually that one was alright. Maybe I should've kept it in. Speaking, howzabout you keep up all the fantastical voting? We've holding pretty firmly onto #4, but I bet with a bit of effort we could snatch #3. And speaking of #3, I made some more cheesite caricatures, with some SEXAY ladies, and NOT AS SEXAY AS THE LADIES guys. That's the stuffs for today, pop into the forum, or maybe just be antisocial and go straight to the latest featured comic, Acid Keg, and/or the bizarre linkage, I TALK TO MY HORSE! It helps if you have broadband. Which I still don't. THANK YOU TELSTRA
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[23:31] <Foiba> yeah, when "freedom of speech" is invoked on the internet, it's usually being used to allow "freedom to be a fucking jackass"
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