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416: Peter Parkerman 2
Peter Parkerman 2

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Don't go and see spiderman 2 unless you want the shocking truth revealed to you that PETER PARKER IS SPIDERMAN!! Because he takes his mask off, and I'm not exaggerating here, twenty billion times in the course of the movie. I'm surprised he doesn't just call himself Peter Parkerman and have a big shirt with his name and address on the front. But other than that, it's a pretty solid movie. I've got a rockin new buzz banner, and possibly the classiest vote banner EVER. Give it a whirl! I hid some junk for the SUPER-cheesites. You wanna be a SUPER-cheesite, don't you? Everyone's pal Zip recommends Storm Corps, and I must say I endorse it too, because there's some rockin' art. The forum's getting a little livelier, so join in if you like. If you're the antisocial type, you could just skip the forum and go straight to the bizarre linkage, the WILFORD BRIMLEY APPRECIATION SOCIETY!

Oh, and we're nominated for the best environment buzzaward, so sign up and vote! For LOVE! (And me. For I am made of love)

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[12:38] <Mr_Shroom> I should make a theme park.
[12:38] <Mr_Shroom> I'd call it Creationism NOW!
[12:38] <Mr_Shroom> And just have the whole place a long escalator that goes through a line of people who point and laugh at you.
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