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394: Pointy brackets mean it's another language
Pointy brackets mean it's another language

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Like the title says, I'm using the established thing of lazy writers everywhere to use pointy brackets when someone is talking in another language. And as far as I know that thing on Thanatos' shirt doesn't mean anything. Although it'd be pretty sweet if it really was an insult or something, through pure chance. Well, not too much to say other than check out Scott's 100th comic! Which is quite an achievement because he actually takes 3 month per comic to produce. You do the math. Or get a math...doing....guy. Some crazy art from Cracky in the reader art page. Crazy. Speaking of crazy, there's some fresh new hpb for you to enjoy! He says there's more to come, so check back in September or so. And it's a new month which means that buzz and twc have reset, so vote like crazy! I'll try to get a new vote incentive done (although there haven't been any complaints about the current incentive), but it'll be updated much faster if you send your own in! And then I can add it to the sightings page as well. If you've got a big-ass attachment, try to leave it in the forum or something, because my inbox is almost at capacity. Damn you GMail! Open to the public faster! Writing btc or on yourself and taking a picture counts as a sighting. Also, writing it in public places. Now I'm not endorsing graffiti, but I'm not NOT endorsing it. Hint hint. Enjoy your cartastic Bizarre Linkage, Road Squadron!

Oh, and update on the "Australia's most popular webcomic" thing, the irregular webcomic guy didn't respond to any of my emails, and he's not on holiday anymore, so I'm just taking the title. Spread the word, you're a reader of the most popular online comic in Australia

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Didn't that symbol on his shirt used to be the other way around? Did I flip it? Did YOU flip it?

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