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366: I'm no superman
I'm no superman

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I ran the risk of leaving some people in the dark about this comic, but frankly I feel it was worth it to slip a Scrubs reference into the strip. On a related note, stop fucking with when you show Scrubs on tv, wankers at channel 7. Okay, I'm back to uni on monday, which means things might get tight, probably moreso because the fuckers didn't tell me the signups for tutorials opened up three weeks ago. Thanks, information management. That's twice you've done this to me. Anyway, I'm gonna wrap this up cause I'm running superlate. Keep up the buzzvotes(tm), cheesites! And enjoy a hearty helping of bizarre linkage, STICK FIGURE WEAPON OF CHOICE MUSIC VIDEO. Remember? The one with christopher walken? Yeah, there you go. Props to the lovely miss DangerousCurves

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If I were changing a single strip in an archive of 400, I'd do something like change one tiny tiny detail like swapping the colours on an id badge to be a real jerk and make everyone miss it. But that's just me

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