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352: Ah, nuts
Ah, nuts

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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I just wanted to use that police beating picture for a comic. And twat is just good wholesome fun to say. twat twat twat twat twat. Anyway, the storyline is just about done, and hopefully there won't be any major mess-ups with the updates while I'm doing my work experience thing but just give a day worth of leeway in any case. It's either 3 sorta MWF updates, or 2 definite MF updates. Twc voting is helluva great, because we're managing to hold onto number 1, and we've established a nice sized gap between 2 and 3 on buzz.....there's no way we're gonna be able to overtake chugworth in the next seven days unless there are a hidden five thousand of you voting readers out there that I never noticed before. Anyway, great work on all the voting, cheesites! We did our best and gave 'em hell! Enjoy your bizarre linkage, the Lingerie Bowl! Does anyone else notice there's a lot of aussie girls in that team? Don't any american women play football? Oh, and I fixed the extras page, because we're using instead of, and removed the link down the bottom because those assholes never listed us even though I followed all the steps. Twice. And if Alex Chiu doesn't send me my rings soon I'm taking that stupid banner off too. I ordered them in november damnit! NOVEMBER! I'm not getting any immortler here! Oh, and Frank tells me they're launching a Super Demolition Christ t-shirt on sunday. Sounds sweet
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[14:29] <Kenn0r> putting the "o my" into sodomy
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