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351: This is more of a guest strip
This is more of a guest strip

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Argh. Sorry for the lateness but this job thing is killing me. Well it's work experience, which is a job only I don't get paid. For 8 weeks. Hooray. Alright, I know this doesn't have any btc characters in it, but blah blah blah and then I uploaded the comic. I slapped this together relatively quickly in about under 2 hoursish, and I'm not sure why I tacked on that last line except for that it made me laugh, although it killed all the clever ambiguity. Shout out to JD-Comics for their cameo/mention of btc in their monday update. And the usual buzz and twc vote links. The forum is back for now, albeit on a december backup, but what the hell. The irc channel is what it's all about. Bizarre Linkage, the x-shok controller! Electrocute yourself while playing DOAX! YAY WOO FUN KILL ME NOW. See you friday.....okay saturday. And I'm all out of featured comics. Someone make good comics

And my secret spies tell me that Boxjam's Doodle just linked us. Thanks heaps!

Hey, I'm the featured site for smallville fan pages at Dvd club guides! Thanks, Christine! And I picked a featured comic already. Enjoy squaresville

Bigger Than Cheeses

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[12:15] <dream|away> Harry Potter's hot.
[12:16] <dream|away> And every book he gets closer to legal age. Oooooh yeahhhh.
[12:16] <dream|away> ...
[12:16] <dream|away> Someone else say something.
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