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343: Trite

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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I really don't like how this one came out. The joke is non-existant, and all in all I just settled for the "OMG WE REFERENCED ANOTHER COMIC" type of self aware "humour". I knew this not planning in advance would bite me on the ass. I think I've got some jokes for the future comics, though. Kinda. Wang turned out like crap since he's pretty much shaped like bun-bun anyway, and doing a kiki colour scheme on a rock with no face didn't turn out that good. And I had to shrink him down too. Duke's original dialogue for panel 1 was "Okay, before you begin, we'd better check if this story needs understanding of any of the six years of backstory to make sure that we don't alienate new readers while still keeping any recaps accessible to old readers while not seeming repetitive", which didn't exactly fit in easily. Man I hate working to a template. But Pete must have a hard time pushing the story forwards while referencing things that happened years ago, and at the same time keeping enough familiar elements/running jokes around to keep old readers happy. I guess there's one upside to doing a gag strip as opposed to a (now) mostly dramatic one. On the other hand, he's got a few hundred thousand daily readers and I don't, so I guess it all evens out* in the end. * = Does not even out. Cthon asked for a plug in the newspost, and ninja djs never got back to me about when their site redesign was ready, but I'm assuming it should be done by now. Go check them out. Anyway, enough of that. It's easy to see the sluggy influence in btc, especially the early stuff, and it was a bit of a challenge to unlearn some of things I've picked up over the years to make thanatos and duke more sluggy-alike. Anyway, enough nit picking, Dual bizarre linkage: Crazy corset wearers. That seriously doesn't look healthy.

And hey, it looks as though twc is back, so let's all get back into votingness! I also fixed up the flash vote thing to include twc, and I'm working on a design for a new one

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[11:53] <Billybobgeorgebob> What if we actually captured one of sadam's doubles!?
[11:53] <Billybobgeorgebob> And he's preparing a massive counter-attack
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