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336: GASP'D!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the second strip

Hooah! Double update! Anime Lei looks fucking weird, and I should've done a bit of work with shading and light, except I suck at that stuff. Speaking of suck, little buddy promised not to give a return link after all the nice free publicity I gave him and also went on to call me 'stupid' and accuse me of speaking like his little brother. I guess someone's mommy didn't tuck him in last night and now he's a WIDDLE BIT CWANKY! I won't remove the links to little buddy's site because I'm not an immature baby who is scared of letting his readers see the other person's comic and make up their own minds, possibly being proven wrong in the process, that's just childish. And hey, he just got a second link! Third, considering this newspost is doubled up! Maybe if he read more and spent less time getting outraged over things which I've already explained, he might manage to extract his head from his ass. And while we're on the "people who think btc sucks" tangent, normalguy burst onto the arena in an incredible display of name calling and hilarious misconceptions. Actually, don't worry about clicking his link, he makes it quite clear that his comic is only for his own amusement and nobody elses, and certainly doesn't care about picking up readers which is why he made a nice website, uploaded all his comics and signed up to buzz. You know, to not gain readers, who he doesn't care about anyway, since the comic is only for him. Mmm. Lies. It's a pretty well known fact that only a small proportion of readers ever check a comic's newspost (PA and possibly MT excluded), and even less will vote if you've just put up the boring standard banner and/or an unimaginative tagline, which is why our votes weren't exactly super mega mad before the implementation of flash banners. But sure, whatever you say. It was only the vote incentives that took us into the top five of twc, against competitors such as QoW, Mall Monkeys and Ctrl+Alt+Delete (whose hypenated and/or concatenated url escapes me) when we had less than half the current readership. OH WAIT TWC DIDN'T HAVE VOTE INCENTIVES. Hear that? That's the sound of CHECKMATE. We're still holding number 1 at Buzz by a nice margin, and I think we're actually starting to increase the gap between btc and amd (I think his server has been un-wanged). Thanks for all the votes everybody! I love you all! And if you're only voting to see the incentives, then I love you extra hard because you're the ones making little buddy cry into his pillow at night. Either that or the burly ex-con named Bruce who's pounding his ass. The pounding is coincidentally also extra hard. Speaking of ass pounding, loserz is back at keenspace (noooo!) after they got so much traffic (wooo!) their host shut 'em down (again with the nooooo!). If you're a loserz reader and was wondering where they went, there ya go. The forums are intermittedly going up and down, so if you really really want to talk, your best chance is in the irc channel. Threeboy says that oktagone will be shifting the forums onto their own dedicated server soon, so hopefully the stability will be back to normal. Whoo. Linked a lot of comics this newspost. One last comic related link, which I think is pretty pertinent to the current situation: Ghastly's post in this thread (it's near the bottom, or just do a ctrl+f). Focus on your own comic more than you complain about others and maybe it'll improve....That's just crazy enough to work! Phew, I know that newspost was a chore to read, so how about some nice quasi-bizarre linkage, a flash version of paper snowflakes! Remember making paper snowflakes as a kid? Well now you don't have to leave your computer! Take THAT, nuclear family! Oh, and caricatures page updated.

Awww, it looked like Matt locked the thread. Well at least he got to get his last word in and that's all that really matters. Fun while it lasted, little buddy! And because you wanted to know; Tim resorted to calling me names in his own forum, outside the twc thread, and his readerss flamed me for two solid months. I still get the occasional straggler who's going through the archives. Try my buzz reviews section for a tiny sample. Twc's short lived comments section had a lot more and a lot longer ones. He didn't give any links for his readers to get both sides of the story though.

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