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334: What a sucker
What a sucker

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
In case you've been living in a hole (haha! Sucker!), they caught Saddam! Insert various PWNED photoshopped images here. And now back to your regularly scheduled newspost

I had to go back to non-speech bubbles for panel 1, because there was too much text, and I didn't want to resize everything else. Also, I used Barry Smith's "FUUUUUU" pose (except his was "CON", 04-22-02 in the archives). Also Episode 3 is either rise of the empire, or revenge of the sith. I can't remember which one was the fake name, so I slapped in the old standby electric boogaloo instead. And Sam's holding his hat in his clenched fist, in case it's hard to see. And speaking of hard to see, that line actually zooms off way way into the distance (note the line between sam and the speech bubble). Unfortunately it was obscured and just looks like a stray line. And I'm really not sure how my method of backgrounds applies to different locations, but I 've really gotta start defining them better. Now that that's out of the way HOOOOOLEEEEE CRAP, we broke SIX FREAKIN THOUSAND hits on friday! Super mega huge thanks to Blue's News for linking "Dear Hollywood; stop sucking". I hope some of those new readers will be sticking around, and if so, welcome aboard! There's no better place to start than at the beginning! We're still number 1 (you all kick ass), and it looks like twc might be saved after all! I guess we'll find out in January. That's all the news for now, besides the forum and your bizarre linkage, the PARIS HILTON SEX TAPE (hot sex naked hilton lesbian keyword sex)....IN BARBIE! That's right! Get away with researching the paris hilton sex tape while at work with this totally safe pictoral version, and if your boss catches you, hey, it's only barbie in night vision! Ps: Runaway bride is the worst movie ever made. If you ever have to see it, try to fake your own death rather than see that steaming pile of shit. Oh, and take a looksy at Reality Glitch, the new featured comic. I haven't read through their archives completely yet, but they've got some really sweet stuff. Also, a startup comic by Cthon98, in the vein of Twisted Kaiju Theatre

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[14:03] <Jae> I'm not into lesbian porn, either.
[14:03] <Jae> Why does everyone think my ultimate fantasy is two girls?
[14:03] <Jae> One girl is effort enough.
[14:03] <JadeDixon> because a lot of guys actually get off on that
[14:03] <Jae> I don't want to wake up with two pissed off girls.
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