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329: Obvious

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, this joke is pretty obvious from the first panel but hey, it's more of an exercise in comic making anyway. I think I'll try to stick with speech bubbles, after almost three years of slacking about, we're kinda up to normal webcomic standards. All I have to do now is learn perspective and how to draw backgrounds and I'll be set. Hell, Penny Arcade didn't even start doing proper addressing the audience shots until last year. The caricatures page has been updated, and so has the voting incentive, with the ever lovely Melissa Joan Hart, and one of Sloan's personal favourite pics I believe! The forum is back, and apparently with twc's demise there'll be a new alliance of webcomics beginning, with btc, TrueNuff and Elftor as the initial members, with more bound to join. I'll do my best to make sure it's not a Rocketbox deal, where nearly everybody in the list just stops updating one by one. And hey, look at this shit, we're NUMBER TWO ON THE ENTIRE INTERWEB FOR THE SEARCH QUERY OF CHEESES. Like, seriously this time. I didn't misread and look at the second page, we're actually the second result. Today's Bizarre Linkage about cannibally mccannibal has probably already been splashed across your news service of choice, so how about supplemental bizarre linkage, What's the deal with THAT. Also, I've got the Australian equivalent of MTV going on in the background here, and am I the only one who wants to just punch Jay-Z in the face? As soon as I hear his atonal ramblings start I just wanna pop him one. I'm also finding it funny how beyonce knowles goes on about her strong beliefs and high moral standards and whatnot, when she's running around in DENTAL FLOSS, and I swear that's the tenth time she's rubbed her crotch this video clip alone. But I digress, see you on monday!
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[13:15] <tate> [00:14] lilmurderer911: u wish u cood spell as good as me
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