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323: By popular request
By popular request

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
To make up for the naked woodrow (DIRT WON'T COME OFF), I drew seven kats instead. And I only needed reference for those two behind middle kat, so at least I'm getting better...kinda. The mud needs some work, and this was nothing like my original idea (way way more kats, but I was too lazy/ran out of poses). Speaking of those middle two kats, I think the face of the one on top came out really well, and I have no idea how I drew her. And there was gonna be some sillouette catfighting too, but it just looked like a bunch of blobs. Anyway, maybe next years' will be better. This is the last update for cheesecake november, thanks for sticking around! Tell all your friends, we lose about a thousand of you when twc does its going down thing. Normal comicry will resume wednesdayish, and friday at the latest. I'll try to keep up the MWF schedule again. In irc related news, SnuggleBunny has apparently been taking some flak for "ruining" Woodrow. C'mon cheesites, I haven't drawn him in six months, of course he's gonna look different. The only thing I changed on sb's behalf was his haircut, the rest is just because I'm not used to drawing him. I think that twc could be down for good, so everybody concentrate on BuzzComix! We can take the top 5! Well, while I go and read through some archives for the next featured comic, how about you go check out Weenies? They recently conducted a pretty detailed series of questions which I'm pretty sure qualified as my first ever interview....which....I...forgot to save. Good work, me. You should also take a look at Ace Plughead, which has a fantastic style of art I could only dream of achieving. Well, I'm out for now. Go pay the forum a visit while it's still there, and enjoy your Bizarre Linkage, the latest madness from Japan! Seriously Japan, check your drinking water or something.
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[14:05] <afropik> OMG
[14:05] <afropik> OMG
[14:06] <afropik> where is prae
[14:06] <Goonigoogoo> in the shower
[14:06] <afropik> I need to cover him with my hetero love juice
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