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321: Not Again
Not Again

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
As a special makeup dealie for my once a week updating, here's an extra long log humour! And speaking of special dealies, Fluffy and his gang of jibba-jabba talkin' miscreants have been given official notice in the forum, so if you've been scared away from the forums before, give them another shot because they're a lot more friendly now. C'mon. Join the wave of new people! I think twc voting is still down (it should be up later this week), but that doesn't prevent you from voting at at buzz now, does it? And the more people we bring in, the better the comics will be. Seriously. And speaking on clicking on things for me, since twc is down, how about we get a few hundred more clicks (just one per person) for free immortality! I'm working towards some of Alex Chiu's special super powered Neodymium rings, which I'm pretty sure are specially infused with kickass. This is all a big science type experiment, see. Once I get my rings you can read my progress towards immortality at my new blog (you can go and post comments if you want). There'll be some stuff before getting the rings, I guess. C'mon, let's do it! For SCIENCE! Tell all your friends! And let's not forget that once I'm immortal I could conceivably make btc FOR THE REST OF ETERNITY!!!!!!11!!!!11ONENINE. And send Beerman some love too, since I need someone to steal jokes off for eternity. And it'd make up for the all black's choke-fest against the wallabies on saturday. Remember beer? On saturday? When the all-blacks choked? Do you remember that? Huh? You know, the choking? Yeah, that was great. I'll probably have to switch my silly banner to the proper one when I place my order, otherwise I'm pretty sure Alex won't send me free things. And I think I have to keep the banner on the page until they arrive, as well. While this doesn't really count as bizarre linkage per se, since I've linked bash in the past back when it was still, it's still fucking hilarious and just needed to be shown. Oh, I almost forgot there's some new art, including caricatures of the cheesites who frequent the irc channel, since I'll do anything to distract myself from study (more on that later). Sorry in advance, Lit and dave, who came out too old looking and too bogan looking, respectively. And war came out a bit funny as well. But I digress, here's your bizarre linkage, some fucked up meal from a can that looks like a solid brick of carrot gelatin poop. Delicious. Anyway, male semi-nudity on the next update. *shudder* kill me.

And don't miss out the chance to join the webcomic community in the second annual kickass Secret Santa, organised by our own Litazia! Join the festivities, make new friends, and create vital connections with the rest of the webcomic world!

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[09:06] <DanoAway> Dane
[09:06] <DanoAway> Is insane
[09:06] <Dane> Yar?
[09:06] <DanoAway> You could say he has a main
[09:07] <DanoAway> Fly in a plane?
[09:07] <DanoAway> Work with a crane?
[09:07] <Goonigoogoo> and likes to watch mcbain
[09:07] <Goonigoogoo> and movies with corey haim
[09:07] <DanoAway> I'm going to REFRAIN
[09:07] <Dane> Lost your brain?
[09:07] <Dest> Shae?
[09:07] <Goonigoogoo> and he enjoys the work of david blaine
[09:08] <DanoAway> I think yo should abstain
[09:08] <Beerman> shae doesn't rhyme!
[09:08] <Beerman> you've SUPERFAILED(TM)!
[09:08] <Dane> Shame
[09:08] <Goonigoogoo> although it is a shame
[09:08] <Dest> Graaaaains
[09:08] <DanoAway> You need to attain the terain
[09:08] <Dane> lol
[09:08] <DanoAway> But it won't be in vain
[09:08] <DangerousCurves> you make me feel lots of pain
[09:08] <Goonigoogoo> that dest feels the need to go against the grain
[09:08] <DanoAway> That would be a strain
[09:08] <Dane> now, let me explain
[09:08] <DanoAway> Fuck up his lower membrane
[09:08] <Dane> Ah, the disdain!
[09:09] <DanoAway> If he starts dating you could gain Elane?
[09:09] <DanoAway> Walk with a cain?
[09:09] <Dane> On a pane?
[09:09] <Goonigoogoo> She's pretty plain
[09:09] <Dane> Not in chain
[09:09] <DanoAway> Run for president? I'll work the campaign?
[09:09] <DanoAway> But that wouldn
[09:09] <DangerousCurves> omg
[09:09] <DangerousCurves> do u kno how random we are
[09:09] <Dane> You try in vain
[09:10] <DanoAway> but that wouldn't pertain, and it might be an eyestrain to see his domain
[09:10] <DangerousCurves> i love it :D
[09:10] * DanoAway is now known as Danoz
[09:10] <Goonigoogoo> careful or you might cause a sprain
[09:10] <Dane> You just feighn
[09:10] <DangerousCurves> that's a little profane
[09:10] <Danoz> Hey now DC, don't complain
[09:10] <Goonigoogoo> care for some champagne?
[09:10] <Danoz> ohhhoh
[09:11] <Dane> Stop that, he'd exclaim
[09:11] <Danoz> Gooni good one. That's giving me a migraine
[09:11] <Goonigoogoo> only if he were on cocaine
[09:11] <Danoz> ah you stole my new one :D
[09:11] <Dane> breakinmg methane
[09:11] <Goonigoogoo> it's the best I could attain
[09:11] <Danoz> I may have to kill you, causing a bloodstain
[09:11] <Danoz> I must go?
[09:11] * Danoz is now known as Danozaway
[09:12] <Goonigoogoo> don't spill any down the drain
[09:12] <Dane> Like abel and Kain
[09:12] <Warskull> ziznatch spizcatch!
[09:12] <DangerousCurves> mmmm mini xmas puddingly goodness
[09:12] <Goonigoogoo> careful war don't break the chain
[09:12] <Dane> done
[09:12] <Warskull> chain?
[09:12] <Dane> ya
[09:13] <DangerousCurves> it was all becaise of dane
[09:13] <Beerman> pineapple lumps!
[09:13] <Warskull> dane tastes like spain
[09:13] <Dane> <Goonigoogoo> She's pretty plain
[09:13] <Dane> <Dane> Not in chain
[09:13] <Goonigoogoo> damn
[09:13] <Dane> Vacation in Spain
[09:13] <Dane> dah
[09:13] <Goonigoogoo> how inhumane
[09:14] <Dane> just one remain
[09:14] <Goonigoogoo> to finish this rhyming campaign?
[09:14] <Dane> done
[09:14] <Beerman> its over
[09:14] <Dane> <DanoAway> Run for president? I'll work the campaign?
[09:14] <Goonigoogoo> damn!
[09:15] <DangerousCurves> damn u suck gooni
[09:15] <Goonigoogoo> I'll suck YOU
[09:15] <Goonigoogoo> no wait
[09:15] <DangerousCurves> lol
[09:15] <Dane> Is this a word: "fane"?
[09:15] <Goonigoogoo> not to my knowledge
[09:15] <DangerousCurves> feign is
[09:15] <Dane> done
[09:15] <Goonigoogoo> fame?
[09:15] <DangerousCurves> but its already been used
[09:15] <Dane> doesn't rhyme
[09:15] <Goonigoogoo> Chasey Lain?
[09:16] <Dane> on tyme
[09:16] <DangerousCurves> wow i really reccommend these puddings
[09:16] <Dane> gotten lain?
[09:16] <DangerousCurves> Big Sister mini christmas puddings
[09:16] <DangerousCurves> they r YUMLICIOUS
[09:16] <Dane> Biggaz Sista!
[09:17] <Dane> Xmas pudings to fight tha MAN
[09:17] <Goonigoogoo> so I'm guessing we're done now?
[09:17] <Beerman> yes
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