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314: Another poor excuse to draw Kat naked
Another poor excuse to draw Kat naked

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This totally has to be the best animation job I've ever done. And I'm not sure about what "full ending" exactly means, except I have this strange mp3 of a japanese man singing what appears to be elevator music and it's called "full ending". I guess it's from a video game or something but it just seems so oddly...calming. And ending...I guess. Full. Anyway, I guess you could think of this as a warmup to cheesecake month or something. In webcomic related news, Aiere from Queen of Wands took her site off Buzz and Twc because of some immature prats leaving constant flames in her buzz reviews thing and filling up her inbox too. Seriously, what's wrong with some people? She brings new readers to the top lists and thus more readers for you and you respond by alleging people only read her comic because she's a girl. Real good guys. Maybe if you stopped to read it for a second you might spot some good material in there. But go ahead and flame someone off the lists who was trying to do everyone a favour. Anyway, I doubt any of you cheesites are resposible for all that. You're not that kind of person, are you? If you haven't noticed this thread yet, then why not take a look-see and lend your voice to your favourite btc characters? We've already gotten new entries for Nat, Kat, Jesusman and Wang! C'mon, there's plenty to go around! Don't feel shy if someone else has already done one. Maybe you think they should be voiced in an entirely DIFFERENT way, like tate's action hero Jesusman compared with Acteo's John Wayne Jesusman. It's a crazy town! Crazy like...ME STILL BEING AWAKE AT 3AM AND I STILL HAVEN'T COMPLETED MY FREAKIN ASSIGNMENT BECAUSE I WAS DOING THE COMIC. Better wrap this up. Bizarre Linkage, donated by that foxy DangerousCurves. And, shit, I forgot to mention that she donated fan art, too! Argh, Good job, memory.
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[14:41] <Sloan|Away> We have a bowl of mixed nuts in our apartment and my roommate's girlfriend says, "Somebody get this sack of nuts away from me" and my roommate says", wheneveer you see a sack of nuts you ALWAYS gotta just stick em in your mouth..."
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