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312: Rejects included 'Green Pope' and 'Popes of the Caribbean'
Rejects included 'Green Pope' and 'Popes of the Caribbean'

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
If you check this strip, you'll see that Jesusman has a real problem with Apostle Matthew. Additional dialogue which I ended up cutting was "Do ____ already! What am I paying you for?!" Then Matthew responds with "You're not paying us anything. We're apostles. We follow you around so we can get all the chicks/free stuff/blah"....aaaand I forgot what I had planned for the rest of it. Good work huh. And remember how I told you that I can't draw backgrounds. Or caricatures? Well I can't draw backgrounds or caricatures, and it just ends up with me scribbling on the background like a moron. And I should probably learn how to do speech bubbles properly. And I'm not sure if I'm liking this gradual "comics getting bigger" thing. They're starting to take freakin' ages to do. Plus I know robocop doesn't speak nearly as much sass, but this is robopope, and he's chock full of sass. In case the new, non-Kat-breast-squeezing banner hasn't caught your eye, and it's supposed to, which is why I made it, T FREAKING WC IS BACK UP! OMGWTFROFLOLBBQ!!!! So, uh, yeah. Vote. Please? And there's always Buzz, too, but twc is really the main one.

Our man tate has started something wonderful, cheesite voice auditions. If you've got a mic and a voicebox, why not try and give a voice to your favourite btc character? You can leave attachments in the forum, and thick aussie accents are totally unneccessary (No, really. You don't have to do them. Please stop). We've got people auditioning Thanatos, Sancho and Jesusman. Aren't there any female cheesites who want to lend a voice to the girls? C'mon! equality! Anyway, this comic took waaay longer than it should have, so enjoy your bizarre linkage, the BONE CATHEDRAL. Woo! I know whenever I'm building a house, I always want HUMAN FREAKIN BONES. Or failing that, bricks. Anyway, if you see that little banner below the newspost drop below 10, vote until we get back up!

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[10:28] <Technogen> I'm all over the cock
[10:28] <Technogen> err clock
[10:28] <Chebbs> nice recovery....bit late
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