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309: ...And that wraps it up
...And that wraps it up

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Thanatos is actually crouching down a tad in panel 4, but I ended up cropping his legs so it just looks like he's shrunk. And there was some additional dialogue about Sancho choosing to keep Lei in addition to Cleo because she won't let go, and then a cut to her clinging to his arm ala 306, but my hands are like hooves today. And I was gonna use bigamy, because I like the sound of it better, but according to, polygamy is the correcter term., I've got a bigass assignment due (40% of my mark), and it's really killing me, so I might have to skip mondays update, or give you another copy paste wonder like today's. And then there's the two others after that one. We're holding steady at around number 7 on BuzzComix thanks to all your voting, and we've ended up getting about 400 additional cheesites, but only time will tell how many of them will be permanent. Maybe cheesecake november will swing the tide. Yeah you heard me. Cheesecake for another month while my exams go on and I scramble to keep the site alive. Anyway. I've been programming in C (GODDAMN I HATE YOU C) for about 10 hours today, so I'm gonna go get some sleep, then back to more C programming this weekend. Woooooo. Bizarre Linkage. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Edit: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. I fixed panel 3. Are you happy now, Beer!? ARE YOU? Oh, and the Drunkduck Mirror is completely up to date now too. All of you go and thank Ronson for making this all possible, and getting the mirror up to date before, you know, 2005. And we lost two positions and are clinging on at number 9. You're not voting hard enough!

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[10:55] <rune> Honestly officer, Deon was just HELPING that sheep over the fence! ;-)
[10:56] <Hipnotoad> lol!
[10:56] <Beerman> haha
[10:56] <Hipnotoad> And I figured the lube would help him slip over the fence!
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