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307: Talking Heads
Talking Heads

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Man, drawing this storyline is killing me. And I didn't have the energy to draw two extra panels on what was essentially a talking heads strip for three panels. I kinda started on his head on panel 2 then just gave up. Yeaaaah. And thanks to you pal and mine Beerman for being the continuity editor between my non-American Psycho seeing ass and the American Psycho reference containing comic. So if something's off it's his fault. And why did Sancho eat the delicious human corpses? Well maybe he's...flesh...powered....Shit I don't know. It sounded funny at the time. It's back to uni with me on Monday, so I think we'll be going back to a M-F update for the next 4 weekish, then another Cheesecake month when exams hit. Just a heads up. And thanks to all the fantastical BuzzComix voting you've been doing, we're in the top 10! Woo! And we've netted another 200 readers or so to make up for the 2500 we lost when twc went down thirty kabillion aeons ago. Also, thanks to the Super bestest guy in the whole world, Ronson, the DrunkDuck btc mirror will be up to date in about a week, instead of a year. Muchos Gracias to Ronson! Everyone, go and show your appreciation by giving him a whole bunch of 5s on his kick-ass archives. Here's some Bizarre Linkage for ya, remember Triumph the insult dog mocking the star wars nerds at the opening of Episode 2? There's a video of it here (the server might go down any time). Well fast forward about 4 minutes in, and check out the weirdass stuttering wizard...guy. Now welcome to his homepage! Hooah! Go laugh quickly before geocities falls flat on its ass again and runs out of the daily allotment of bandwidth it found in the cereal box this morning. And if that's down, then go check out his SomethingAwful interview!
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