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304: Catfight!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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I just really like the second panel. It came out fairly close to what I was envisioning, and for once I didn't totally fuck up the layering effects. Plus the lack of dialogue accompanied with Kat's wide eyed terror is just hilarious to me. And why does Lei have a mysterious grudge against Kat? Why not? I'm sure I'll think of an official reason later (actually I've already thought of one, but I'll save it for irc and forum cheesites for now). And yeah, Lei's holding a knife in panel 2, it's just kinda hard to see. Squint a bit and you can see it. There was additional dialogue in either panels 1 or 3 where Thanatos goes "Don't be silly. Lei's not trying to kill you, are you Lei?" And then she replies with something along the lines of "Unit Lei must eliminate objective Katrina"....or something appropriately roboticy sounding, but I figured outright incompetance would pull us through yet again. And there was going to be some red glowing eyes too, but I'm so damn lazy. Speaking of lazy, I can't keep my eyes open because this took forever. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage, Hot Simon vs Hitler. I'm gonna go to sleep.

Edit: Okay, some wise-ass has been deleting files off the server. As far as I know it's been happening for the past few days. Why hasn't anyone said anything when the newspost and irc logs don't load? Anyone?

Edit Edit: Since twc is down for three freakin weeks now, I've signed up for some sweet-ass BuzzComix action. So you can get to voting all over again! woooo! Kat's boobs now take you to the buzzcomix vote page, and when twc comes back up, one breast will take you to buzz and the other to twc. POIFECT. It's kinda late to take a significant position right now, but hey, might as well get back into the voting habit so we can STORM next month! WOOO. STORM

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