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302: Robo-boobies!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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The hidden joke in this comic is that women are no good at engineering. HAHA! CONTROVERSIAL! AHAH....oh wait, I think that is controversial. Or at least sexist and a good way to getting my ass kicked by angry women. And this is probably gonna be the closest I'll get to nudity for a while. It's not pornographic unless there's genitalia! Yeah! The torso was originally gonna be on one of those pole stand majiggers like you have for store mannequins, only it looked too much like there was something being rammed up her...uh, nevermind. Oh, and there's this really sweet-ass arm and foot behind Duke on the table, but you can't see it because I'm an idiot and drew everything too big. And I actually had the idea for Sancho building a mate waaaay back when I first introduced him, but I knew that I was in no way capable of handling more than 1 female character at that point. But I think I've got a relatively good grip of things now. And doing stuff in layers is a real helper. The original joke was introducing the fully constructed femme robot and listing off her special abilities and technical specs, with Thanatos investigating her up close in the background, and the laser destruction in the last panel as normal. And if you're really really interested in women firing lasers from their breasts, check out You think I'm joking but I'm not. Seriously, BIKINI KARATE BABES. As a special move, they FIRE LASERS FROM THEIR BOOBS. And sometimes flames. Take THAT, wussy hadouken. Street fighter and Mortal kombat can SUCK IT. I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean the other night and it was pretty kickass. Plus Keira Knightley is an uber-hottie. Actually, with her Pirates hairstyle, during one scene on a closeup of her face I suddenly thought how she'd make a really good Nat for a live-action btc (does anyone have a rip of the movie? A screenshot would be really good).Then that got me thinking about who else would be good for said live-action. So then I started up a thread in the forum about your suggestions. Ideas anyone? This of course has no real point, unless the comic suddenly becomes the most popular thing on the face of the earth (hey, they made a movie for street fighter), but it's still fun to think about. Well that's all from me for now. Remember that we're on MWF updates, so come back again in two days! Enjoy the Bizarre Linkage...CIRCLE DANCE! WOOOO! YEEEHAAAAWWW!!! ....ah forget it.
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[14:51] <Squeegee> They should make a Jewish version of Beyblades or whatever. With dreidls.
[14:51] <Squeegee> Oy vey! My Dreidlemon is all vklempt!
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