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292: Originality!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, I stole the panda mauling from Pvp. And I, uh, forgot to include bizarre linkage last update. But hey, all that fantasmatasticellent voting (hint hint) has kept us steady in the top 20! Wooo! And we also managed to get over 300 new readers! Panel 2 is a really compressed version of what I feel is wrong with a lot of new webcomics, they start out with the obligatory "hey, we sure do suck. ha ha ha!" first strip, steal a few jokes from Penny arcade or 8-bit, then flock to messageboards to pimp out their "fresh new strip". They'll proceed to give up 50 strips later after they fail to net thousands of fans with their stale gags. Rinse and repeat ad naseum. So in order to point out the value of originality in this strip, I....used....someone else's....joke......wait. Nevermind. There was gonna be the little cop-out doll in there as well, but it seemed more like blatant hypocrisy rather than a cop out. Just mentally insert it if you feel the need. Well, check out the new character thread in the forum. I need name and hair suggestions and your preferences on heads/bodies. Remember, it's up to you to decide the future of btc. Two Bizarre Linkages to make up for the one I missed. Okay the first one isn't bizarre per se, but read the title. The second is a flash version of that matrix ping pong video I'd linked before...before I kinda ate up all of KBC's bandwidth. Sorry about that. Also; Darius wanted a link, so linky link link

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NOW why is it the old style panda attacking and not the new panda? I said now, see?

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[12:23] <Goonigoogoo> go, internet
[12:23] <Prederick> Giving the gift of fake tits.
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