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270: Because I'm lazy
Because I'm lazy

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey look, cheescake! (*cough*votevotevote*cough*) Yeah that's right. I was too lazy to come up with a proper comic, so I decided to blow 3 hours drawing nat naked. That's right. Being lazy and trying to save time I end up spending an extra hour than I normally would, because I wasn't counting on how badly I suck. Or maybe I spend 3 hours normally on the comic but never realised it because it was more than just one character. Meh. I'm leaving it up all week as well. On the plus side, I spent 3 hours looking at porn for reference material without getting aroused. I hope you're happy, you've all turned me gay. But anyway, look at my very first piece of cheesecake (if you don't count my fan art for Fenris). In any case it's my first btc cheesecake. And perfect for a wallpaper or something. I'll see what I can do with the image. The funny part was how this was originally gonna be Kat, but then the woman who I was using as reference art had larger breasts than I had originally though plus I drew the face too long (Kat has a slightly shorter and wider face than Nat), so I just slapped in Nat's colour scheme. Lazy! Another funny thing is how the 256 limited palette makes her look all sunburned. I tried with jpeg, but the artifacting was terrible, and at low compression it looked worse than the png. If you've been to the forum, you'll know that fucker has tried to drag me down by changing his story! Again! Yeah that's right. The guy apparently makes a living by changing his words when he feels like it and backpedalling when confronted. The best part was how he magically shifted the blame onto ME for "not reading the specs" even though I clearly pointed out to the head of department that not only had I read the specs but Peter apparently HADN'T. So now professor wanker has twisted his words AND turned the head against me. I'll get you fired yet, asshole. There's still plenty of voodoo curses. I was going to dedicate this comic to how much I hate him, but that's been done. The last update in fact. Anyway, check out the new improved cams pages! With too many new people to mention! (Ps; Razer, if you don't update your cam sometime soon I'm gonna dump you) Also check out keir's little cam button he made when I suggested the button should be someone with their face mashed against the screen. Cast page updated too (well, just the images, really). Huh, I really get a lot of work done on the site when I'm supposed to be studying. Well, see you on friday because it's not like I've got exams next week or anything. Diving through my bookmarks folder to the ripe old date of March, here's some Bizarre Linkage! I hope that's not a 404. Actually, speaking of Fenris, where are you!? Come back, we miss you. I've baked pie!

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I said FINAL PANEL, GEEZ! Do you see any panels here?

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[13:13] <Beerman> the year ending 1969, disco record sales were up SEVEN HUNDRED PERCENT
[13:13] <Beerman> if these trends continue... ayyyyy!
[13:13] <oof> 69? :P
[13:13] <Beerman> don't mind if I do
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