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253: Beeeeeer is liquid bread, it's good for you
Beeeeeer is liquid bread, it's good for you

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Pssst. I'll let you in on a little secret. I don't actually know how much a keg holds, so I just pulled a random figure out of my ass. And there was originally gonna be a picture of Optimus Prime with a keg hat beating on Ultra Magnus, but that was far, far, far too much effort. I think something's draining my energy too because this newspost is taking far too long already. Next week's updates will be even sparser because I've got a whole assload of stuff I'm behind on and I really need to play catch-up in regards to studying, doing assignments, and not failing all my courses simultanously. Also, Eiffel is the dumbest programming language known to man. Stupid frenchies. Sorry in advance for the lack of updates, but hey. At least I'm not pulling a 3fs on you. And way to go Freak for buying some high quality btc merchandise!....Buy some more, you ingrate! A little moment of silence for the passing of our (and by our I mean Polymer City's) beloved breast thread (I think I linked that right). The btc forums have 'the thread that just won't die', the 3fs forums have the free association thread, PCC had the breast thread. So long, you giant meandering thread! We'll miss your continual content of seemingly everything except breasts. And before I forget, if you're running XP pro or home, then this site is a godsend, since it tells you which extra services can be safely disabled, freeing up a hefty amount of time. Enjoy your Bizarre Linkage before it expires! Quick! go go go!

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[22:57] <Teegus> you better buy one of my shirts whenever i get around to designing them
[22:57] <Goonigoogoo> it depends how much ass your shirts will kick
[22:58] <Goonigoogoo> because I'm designating my future money for one of fenris' jerseys
[22:58] <Teegus> my shirts will totally lick ass
[22:58] <Teegus> *kick
[22:58] <Teegus> X_X embarassaing typo
[22:58] <Teegus> damnit
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