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251: Stop looking at me like that
Stop looking at me like that

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah. Uh, symbolism and stuff. You know, the symbolism of toasters. Aaanyway, this originally was supposed to be how I can't make comics anymore, but I couldn't even make a comic about not making comics. How's that for a self fulfilling prophecy. You can ignore the next paragraph if you want. Just more of me whining, but if anyone's wondering about the batch of crappy comics for the last few weeks, read on.

It recently occured to me the reason why the updates have been sucking so badly lately; I can't maintain my anger like I used to. Last year I could carry a grudge to the bitter, bitter end. This year I just don't have the energy for it. I also don't have the energy to sustain most emotions/vital brain processes, so concentrating and letting a comic evolve in my mind until it's funny just ends up with me automatically rejecting it. There'll be an idea, I'll bounce it around in my head, possibly writing it down as well, and twenty seconds later it's been discarded because it didn't make me laugh. Sometimes I'll go with a comic because it didn't make me laugh, but I had some sort of other physical reaction. Like getting thirsty. This is one of those comics. I live in a perpetual state of 'meh', and it's showing. Well, to me anyway. You might like the comics for all I know. (psst: go to the forum and let me know). Remember these five rant comics?. Those were all done in one sitting because I was just so damn angry. Now I can't even muster the anger for half a puny rant update. Hell, I'm even having trouble finding a topic to get angry enough about. Things haven't changed enough to make me become content, so the only explaination is that I've become innoculated to fate fucking me over, and just carry on regardless now. To sum up a bigass piro-esque whinge, I'll keep doing the comics but I can't guarantee they'll be funny like I used to be able to. Internal funny sensor being broken and all. This also means less updates in general, but you can live with two a week, can't you?

Well, back onto your regularly scheduled newspost. I have no idea what thanatos is doing with his right hand in the first panel. Some sort of karate chop dealie? And it was originally a horse head, but penny arcade already did a horse head joke a little while ago, and I didn't want to look like I was stealing. Well, stealing more than usual. And Duke is smiling in the last panel. You just can't see it. Also; I think kat looks kickass in that last panel. Her hands look exactly like they did in my brain, and for once I didn't fuck it up. Speaking about not fucking up, all the voting had broken us past the 32nd place glass ceiling. Way to go cheesites! I'll try and think of something good to make up for all this. Well, I guess that's all for today. Still no purchases at the btc capitalism wonderland, but I'm pretty sure someone will buy something eventually. Until then I have no motivation (reason) to do up any more designs. Those suckers take up a lot of time. Not sure if I linked this before, but if I haven't; Bizarre Linkage. Whoooo! lookit that sucker fly! And there's always space for mac bashing. I've heard of people having problems with the url, ie; their browser tries to load it as a page, so copy that url and slap it into getright/your download manager.

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[15:11] <Fenris> So Stryker has this inexplicable affliction
[15:11] <Goonigoogoo> he has cancaids?
[15:11] <Fenris> It causes him to put the canopener into a different drawer every time he's done using it
[15:12] <Fenris> One day, I'm going to cram the canopener up his ass so both of us will never forget where it is ever again
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