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127: A super gay orgy of ass
A super gay orgy of ass

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Before you ask, yes. I did this expressly to annoy Deon. That, and to illustrate Keir's rather lax attitute at updating his comic on time. Still nobody at the new ad-free Forum? Goddamn you people are lazy. I bet you haven't been voting either. Anyway, today's comic (partially) features praet0rian and Dillinger, The team behind the kickass Canadian webcomic 3 finger salute. These are the guys I've been hanging around with on IRC and forums since November last year, along with many other miscellaneously crazy people (besides Deon and Keir, there's also item-chan aka panda, Ender who goes by too many nicks to remember just one, tate, Warskull, Teegus, Tituba, ecs, Darius, Dest, KAboomy...and if I forgot anyone, I'm sorry!) who've been helping me with my comics greatly with their continual feedback. They're my test audience, and they've been putting up with a lot of shoddy work on my behalf. Drop by sometime on IRC at (port 6667) channel #3fs, or check out the 3fs forum, right after you go to the new ad-free Forum of course.

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