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123: I love boob jokes
I love boob jokes

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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You know, I love irony. Really. I can now do the PCC ladies with relative ease, yet I find I am unable to do my own goddamn characters. Oh yeah. That's real funny. Ha ha ha. Just look at how much I am laughing. Hah freaking hah. You know, just because I stop putting links to the new ad-free Forum in each newspost doesn't mean stop going. Sheesh, use some bookmarks people. Anyway, back to the strip. Today's webcomiconicon comic features the lovely ladies from Polymer City. Actually, Lindy and Andrah are part of the art base I used to come up with Nat. Which explains her extremely oversized breasts in earlier comics. I actually drew Lindy too big at first, so I saved it as a .tif file, then shrunk it down. Mmm...vector graphics. I may have to do that more often, judging from the results. Anyhoo, I've got an assignment due on monday (yet I'm spending more time doing this comic than working). Check out Polymer City for the most involving storyline you're evar likely to see. Or check out the archives for some damn funny boob jokes. Well, there's a hell of a lot more than just breast jokes, but they're the ones that stick in my mind the best.

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<Legalize> i have a methodist coloring book
<Legalize> god wears cotton, god wears rayon
<Legalize> god can mend a broken crayon
<Legalize> god hates war, and god hates crime
<Legalize> but god really hates people who color outside the lines
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