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869: Like Donkey Kong
Like Donkey Kong

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Nat being an animal tamer is canon. So there. This of course takes us back to here, after following Thanatos for the last few weeks. It is the last comic for 2010, and if I can stick to my plans, the 8th(ish) last BTC strip. Of course, plans are one thing that I can never stick to, and due to a health scare in the family, I may be either missing updates or just combining them together if required. Thanks to all the support from the facebook cheesites and cheesettes, as the coming months are going to be hectic. Normally at the end of the year I do a big navel gazing exercise, but I'll save it for the big end of BTC pity party newspost I plan to do. Some linkage, from Sam who needs the exposure: Why Batman is the lamest superhero ever. Well, the guy knows what is relevant to my interests. Bizarre linkage: this game. Scroll about midway down, until you can see "DLC code"

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