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866: You dick!
You dick!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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OHHH SNAAAAAP. I guess history...repeats OR SOMETHING. I know I totally said I was going to update the newsposts with all the other references last week, but I really meant this week. Totally. Title for this strip references here, naturally. Also I will be interstate for next week so the next update should be the 8th. In compensation, you get EXTRA LONG UPDATE. So. much. scrolling. Panel 5 contains loosely how I imagine the BTC-verse existing, like a giant stack of pancakes that someone can drill through to get to where they want to. The 'canvas' that Thanatos is currently stuck in is like a 'syrup' in between the comic-pancakes that also slowly fills in the cracks that are being made by Future Thanatos' indiscriminate hole-making. I also like to imagine the BTC-verse this way because I'm hungry and want some pancakes. Bizarre linkage: Christian Domestic Discipline! aka Just go right ahead and spank that wife of yours. Also bonus bizarre linkage for those who aren't on the Facebook crew: FUUUUUUUUUUUU (1:20, best ever)

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