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865: Meta-eta-eta-eta

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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REFERENCES! For those of you playing at home, this comic contains alternate punchlines from 820, 771 (not really an alternate punchline, but fit in with the storyline), 691, 654, 632 (barely), 650 (the first official use of 'alternate punchline') and 582 (the first time I could spot a properly labelled 'bonus ending'). I realise I've been pretty bad with putting the references for this storyline in the newsposts, but I have been trying to keep my cards relatively close to my chest until now. There has been some stuff in the Facebook group, but other things still missing. I will be going back through the newposts and retroactively including any salient references later on this week, but in the meantime, you can see that I'm trying to tie up 10 years worth of random comics into one final canon-tastic storyline. Cheesites may or may not feel rewarded with this outcome depending on your fanness, but really this final storyline is for me to enjoy and everyone else is along for the ride. Just the way the comic started. Anyway, enough from me. Bizarre linkage: Dude who married a video game character. Do I even need to say where he's from?

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