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852: Like Doc Brown, but sexier
Like Doc Brown, but sexier

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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HARR! Barrelling through this storyline. I guess. I also wasted about 2 hours while drawing this comic going through a lot of the mashups here, which are hella awesome. One of the planned 'big jokes' I'd always planned on doing was to one day make Duke black, with no mention of it whatsoever, then retroactively go through the archives and recolour him as if it had always been this way. Naturally, this was an idea I had during the first 2-3 years and even then I couldn't be bothered going back and doing it. Now at the 9 1/2 year mark I'm definitely not going back and doing it, but enjoy what might have been vicariously through Woodrow. Bizarre linkage: The bad translator! See what happens when you let MACHINES try and decipher our language with their cold, dead hearts

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[01:04] <Nikki> we have a whole plan for the zombie apocalypse
[01:05] <Nikki> we dont have a fire plan, but we have a zombie plan
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