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818: That darn dog
That darn dog

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Okaaaay, I'm not sure what happened here because originally I had Batman running over some little girl's dog, but it turned out that he hit Mr Freeze's dead wife's dog instead. Because it's meaner that way. I like the idea of Robin being a detached asshole. Time permitting I'll carry on with this thread of thinking, in comic form. Also for those that might need everything spelled out to them, the second last panel has Batman running over Mr Freeze's wife. Annnyway, sorry about being late this week but as usual real life intervened on the normally designated comic making day and hey, it turns out real life pays me more than free webcomics do. Bizarre linkage? Why not enjoy some World politics, as explained with rappers?
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[00:44] <kJ_> i keep laughing irl everytime i look at the animals indulging in each others asses
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