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817: The Parker luck
The Parker luck

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
SO SLEEPY. Also I somehow strayed from my original comic idea of Ariel as the Dark Phoenix (which I couldn't be arsed drawing) into this thingummy. So I crammed in Jessica Rabbit as well because, hey, boobs. If anyone else out there with some talent is looking for a spare joke to play out, Ariel Dark Phoenix your little hearts out. Alternate punchlines for the final panel were: "Peter sense tingling" and then just "Peter...tingling", which is a totally non-Code approved double entendre. Anyway, I'm sure you've all heard of the Marvel/Disney merger seeing as every single other webcomic has done something by now. Yes I actually knew about it at the time it occurred but by then I was so far done completing this one that there was no point starting again. Also I'm lazy. You may have gathered that. ANNNYWAY, bizarre linkage time: Why not go to your local McDonalds and order a McGangbang. Mmmm. Order one for your mom while you're there.
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[00:22] <kJ_> i searched for bigger chees
[00:22] <kJ_> forgot the e on the end..
[00:22] <kJ_> and it said to me
[00:22] <kJ_> Did you mean: bigger cheezer, bigger cheung, bigger cocks
[00:22] <@Squatdog> hahahah
[00:22] <Celox> joined
[00:22] <@Squatdog> Celox joined bigger cocks
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