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808: The original odd couple
The original odd couple

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Oh Xu'alz'kthar, you adorable scamp. How much I bet you'd love to sit there and play your ecks box three hundred and sixty all the human dayspan long, but seriously though get the hell off my goddamn couch and wipe that acid drool shit off my cushions. God's sake man. Put a towel down or something, you're worse than the dog. At least the DOG'S drool doesn't eat through my furniture. Also get a job you food regurgitating shit. I know you can just have one enormous meal and then vomit it up for eating three or four times but you keep doing it all over my fucking groceries. I mean, there's a bucket in the sink just for that. You NEVER USE IT. GOD. One of these days I'm gonna buy one of those sticky strip things and hang it in your room and you will be DEAD. It's gonna be like that Far Side cartoon, only I'LL be the one laughing. JERK. Annnnnyway, now that's out of my system I'm seriously moving house this week so comics may be delayed next week depending on my internet connection (or lack thereof). To make up for it, I'll be doing all the groundwork for Supanova this year which is one short month away. There'll be new merch and doodads for you to spend money on, assuming all goes well and I don't accidentally crush my computer beneath the wheels of a cold uncaring truck. Bizarre linkage for this week is femskin, the single best place to buy prosthetic women skins you can wear to feel pretty without feeling like a serial killer. Alright, I guess you can pretend you're a serial killer, if you feel like it.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[07:19] <Warskull> natural boobs
[07:19] <Warskull> and big natural boobs
[07:19] <Warskull> but there aren't any porn sites clearly devoted to women with implants
[07:19] <Celox> seems i joined at just the right time
[07:20] <Whitefox> Isn't that technically every porn site, Warskull?
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