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79: This is leading somewhere. Really
This is leading somewhere. Really

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
You're at the beginning of a storyline!
Hey ho. Another update. Like the description says, this strip is leading somewhere. Really, trust me. Anyway, not too much other than that. You can probably see the new layout, what with the buttons and new logo and all. These are just temporary until I can get my hands on a copy of paintshop, learn it, and do up new buttons, etc. I added a new question into the FAQ, because nobody seemed to be understanding why I named the site "Bigger Than Cheeses". Okay, that's enough from me. Enjoy

A look back
My first storyline that went over 2 comics. I'm just so proud. I also managed to get fan art out of this comic.

Bigger Than Cheeses

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